Dialogue:  Aussie and Yossie

What's your name?

צפו בקליפ פעם אחת.

תלמדו את האוצר מילים עד שהמילים מוכרות לכם.

תקראו את תַסרִיט 5 – 500 פעמים בכל רם עד שהבנתם את הכל.

צפו בסרטון שוב 3 – 300 פעמים עד שאתם יודעים את זה בעל פה. תהנו ולא לשכוח LOL!

Look, Listen, Learn and Laugh with Aussie and Yossie.

Watch the clip  1 time.

Learn the vocabulary words below until the words are  familiar to you.

Read the script 5 – 500 times out loud until you understand everything.

Watch the clip 3 – 300 times until you know it by heart.  HAVE FUN and don’t forget LOL.

Aussie:  Welcome back to LOLenglish.  Today we have a very very special English lesson today. And today we are going to learn about…

              Excuse me. Hello. We are recording right now.

Yossie:  Ohhh. Sorry.

Aussie:  This is a video camera.  This is LOLenglish. Welcome!

Yossie:  What's this all about?

Aussie:  We are learning English right now.  Who are you?  Wait, I know who you are.  I know who you are.  You are Peter.

Yossie:  No, I'm not Peter.

Aussie:  No. Not Peter.  Your name is Paul.

Yossie:  No. I don't think so. No.

Aussie:  Sam?

Yossie:  Do I look like Sam?

Aussie:  John?

Yossie:  Not even.

Aussie:   What's your name?

Yossie:  My name is Yossef.  Hi.

Aussie:  Of course, of course. Yossef.  Very nice.  Very nice to meet you Yossef.

Yossie:  Hold on.  What's your name?

Aussie:  First of all, that's a really nice hat.  i like it.  Where did you find it?

Yossie:  What is your name?

Aussie:  My name.  Everybody knows my name.

Yossie:  What's his name?

Aussie:    My name is Assaf. Nice to meet you.

Yossie:  Nice meeting you.

Aussie:  Tell me Yossef.  Are you American?

Yossie:  Me, American?  Do I look American?  No.

Aussie:  Well, you speak English very nicely.

Yossie:  Thank you.

Aussie:  Are you Belgium?

Yossie: Do I look like I'm Belgium?  No, I'm not Belgium.

Aussie:  I know, I know. I'm just kidding.  You're from Russia.

Yossie:  Far away from Russia.

Aussie:  Tell me, Yossef, where are you from?

Yossie: I am from Yeman.

Aussie:  You are from Yeman.

Yossie:  Yes, I am.

Aussie:  Yes, you are.  Were you born in Yeman?

Yossie:  I was not born in Yeman. My parents were born in Yeman.

Aussie: I see. So where are you from exactly?

Yossie:  I live in Modi'in.

Aussie:  Oh, so you are from Modi'in.

Yossie:  That's right, beautiful city. Beautiful city.

Aussie:  You are very proud. You are a proud Yossef from Modi'in.

Yossie: WOW. This is nice.

Aussie:  Nice.  Very exciting.  I understand that…  Yossef, let's take a deep breath.

Yossie:  WOW.  English lesson.  Oh my God.

Aussie:  This is LOLenglish.  LAUGH OUT LOUD.  We're supposed to laugh out loud.  Do you want to laugh with me.  Okay, 1,2,3 –

              This is Yossef from MODI'IAN.

Aussie:  And your parents are form YEMAN.  And tell me something, Yossef.  What's your nickname?   Do you have a nickname.

Yossie: Nickname. Yes.  Do you want to guess?

Aussie: Yeah, easy.  Your nickname is Yossie.

Yossie: No, No.  Well some people like to call me Yossie, but no.

Aussie: It's not Johny?

Yossie: It's very close to Johny.

Aussie:  Really.  Well what is your nickname.

Yossie:  My nickname is Joe.

Aussie:  Joe.  Are you sure you are not American?  Joe is a very American nickname.

Yossie:  Definitely not an American, but some how many people like to call me Joe.

              What's your nickname?

Aussie:  Well, I don't have a nickname.  My name is Assaf.  Well in Israel I don't have a nickname.  In American, my friends, they call me Aussie.  My nickname is Aussie in America.

Yossie:  In America. So his nickname is Aussie.  And my nickname is going to be Yossie.

             We're going to be Aussie and Yossie.  YEAH!





Vocabulary: אוצר מילים

יש ללחוץ על כפתור העריכה כדי לשנות את הטקסט הזה. לורם איפסום דולור סיט אמט, קונסקטורר אדיפיסינג אלית קולהע צופעט למרקוח איבן איף, ברומץ כלרשט מיחוצים. קלאצי צש בליא, צמוקו בלוקריה שיצמה ברורק.


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